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Like the famous novel by C.S. Lewis, The Chronicles of Narnia, Internet is a portal to a new world. A place of fantasy where you can find anything, it’s magic. Really, one cannot quite imagine what he would be able to find in the mists of the Internet. Because I already tell you, there is everything, but everything and sometimes it’s almost better not to enter certain places.

And that is innovations in technology have allowed us to connect all at all times. We live in a technological and connected world. The world has not been enough for us and we have created a second world. The world of the Internet, Being all connected, we create content, share images and videos and enter all kinds of websites.

The problem (so to speak) is that we slip things; Images without explanation, inappropriate videos and pages with dark contents. But if we put aside the bad, in the depth of the Internet we find its greatest treasure: the absurd photos whose explanation is a miracle (but unfortunately we will never know). They are this type of images that make you think if they really are genuine or have been made with Photoshop.

Here we bring you a series of the craziest photos that can be found in the most remote reaches of the Internet. Enjoy and try not to think too much about how or why.

 1 Come and give me a kiss, beautiful

We start with a low. This always happens. There are no videos of people getting scared and having these kinds of reactions when they go on safari. Of these, the animals come to you and ask for food. Well, that. Nothing special!

Although it’s funny, because the lady is with the phone as if nothing, it does not seem too worried. Every madman with his subject, I suppose.

 10  The true alpha of the party

The great thing about this picture is that the girls are posing as if for a normal photo. Almost as if the dog was not there. Because with such a picture, with the animal sitting and wearing sunglasses (which you say, you already start with a madness), you would expect them to also go into madness.

They would make poses and it would be as absurd and fun as possible. But here they are as if the dog were one more of the party. Curious photo, the less.

  9   A summer day in Death Valley

There are so many questions in this image. How has this happened? Are two wheels melted? Because I get the feeling that it’s too much melted rubber to make it from a single wheel. And if it’s a single wheel, do you really have so much rubber? Then, at what temperature does the rubber begin to melt? Did the sun do it? Did another factor do it?

I know it’s crazy, but maybe it was with a flamethrower, because with the madness that the photo already has, it is not disposable either. Many unanswered questions.

  8   Light as a motorcycle, powerful as a truck

The title is a phrase that is repeated several times in the famous animated film by Cars and whose protagonists we can see in the image. Cars, which by the way is already a trilogy, is the story of a famous racing car called Lightning McQueen, which ends in a forgotten town and there he meets the first friends he has that help him win the Piston Cup.

Yes, I know it’s not the best synopsis in the world, but what is it going to do? The image is strange (like all) and I cannot think how it could be done.

  7   Level 100

There are people who have taste and people who do not have it. Interestingly, this person has both. Because he has bought a Bentley, which is a high-end car (and usually not found on the street), and spoil it with that watermelon painting.

I wonder if it’s like a joke or is it really an eccentricity of rich. Because sometimes when people have money, they can go a little.

  6   The giants of Beyond the Wall

If you have ever seen Game of Thrones, you will know that there is a character called Wun-Wun. It is the last of the giants. Or at least one of the last, I do not know if it is specified. The fact is that Wun-Wun is a being the size of a house. At least 5 or 6 meters, and are like wide as a truck. OK, this man is his son, because there is no other explanation. Is that look at him. It’s huge. I had never seen such a muscular man. Best of all is the head, which is of normal size.

  5   Jack, the monkey rider

Jack the monkey is a reference to the cursed monkey of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, which was honestly the most annoying thing of all. And I say cursed, because I had also been affected by the Aztec curse of gold coins. Because damn it was, in the other sense, I’m going through the branches. The fact is that Jack has stopped being cursed to be absurd. I guess it must be some kind of strange contest, but I cannot imagine what.

  4   Snakes in the plane

Although in this case it is a snake and it is inside a house, my mother, Piece of bug. This is easy your 8 or 9 meters of anaconda. And wide as a tree trunk, I do not understand this. How and why do you have an animal like a snake in your house? And not just any snake, but the biggest and heaviest in the world, that these bugs can suffocate you with their rings if you catch them with bad humor. And where do you keep this animal? Where do you put it? You must have a special room for him, right? In short, there are many questions whose answer we will not have.

  3   Prospects game

A very interesting photo! Rare, yes, but it’s more interesting that he got that perspective. The image is brutal every time I see it. And also manages to hide the body of the girl behind him. See? To this I meant that sometimes this type of strange images of the Internet make you think if they have done it with Photoshop.

  2   A new throne

If you think that taking the cat for a walk is rare, you are right, although it is not so strange either. That is, this girl is not the first to do it. There are people who do take their cats for a walk. There are not many, it is true, but they exist. What I like most about the photo is the look of the woman. It’s like: “You better not judge me, is that clear?” Well, that, without judgments and we will be admiring the cat.

  1   My own?

Some birds have special characteristics. The hawks fly very fast, the crows are very intelligent, the nightingales sing and that kind of thing. And then there are the seagulls. The pigeons of the sea, and its characteristic is to eat and take over what they want. There are no videos of gulls stealing food. And this picture is another example. Hence, in Finding Nemo they were characterized as such.