11 Real cases of children raised by animals and their heartbreaking stories

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We have all heard the story of the brothers Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome who were breastfed by Wolf, a nurse beast known as the Capitoline wolf. However, few have been the authentic records of children who were under the breeding of other animals and the only references we have are the children’s films in which the children live with a very civilized, though wild, herd, like Tarzan or The Book of the jungle . Will this be the animal protection in real life?
The photographic project of the German artist Julia Fullerton-Batten, Wild Kids , presents incredible conceptual photographs that propose a dark look at this unusual childhood growth and compiles 10 of the few true stories that exist around the world, in which small ones were found and rescued, after having never established human contact before.
Lost, abandoned or neglected by their real parents, these children behaved fiercely and developed the same survival and hunting techniques as their animal family.

 1 Nina lobo, Mexico 1845

His discovery happened when he was running on four legs with the rest of a pack, attacking a herd of goats and devouring them. Although she was captured , she managed to escape and in 1852 she was seen again with two cubs, so she ran scared and never heard from her again.

 10  Oxana Malaya, Ukraine 1991

Her parents were addicted and they abandoned her when she was only two years old during a cold night, so she had to find heat with some dogs and take refuge in a hut. The authorities found her six years later, having spent enough time for the little girl to walk on all fours, bark and behave like a canine.

  9   Shamdeo, India 1972

At four years of age, this child was discovered playing with wolf cubs. His hair was matted, his nails were thick and had grown curves like claws, his skin was thick and very dark, he had calluses on his hands and feet and his teeth had been sharpened like those of wolves. He hunted other small animals, scratched dirt and craved blood. Once he was rescued, he continued to eat raw meat and without speaking to humans, he was baptized as Pascal and died two years later.

  8   Bird boy, Russia 2008

He was 7 years old living with his mother of 31, in a small two-room apartment. One of them was full of cages with birds and excrement and that was where the mother would lock the child and treat him like a pet. As his mother did not speak and the only communication he had was with the birds, he behaved very strangely, waving his arms and imitating his sound. Follows in a psychiatric center to readjust to civilization.

  7   Marina Chapman, Colombia 1959

The girl was kidnapped at age five, but her captors left her in the jungle, so she lived with a family of Capuchin monkeys, from whom she learned to climb trees and eat fruits to survive. Years later she forgot all the language she knew and behaved like an ape, some hunters discovered her and rescued her. However, taking advantage of her vulnerability, they sold her to a brothel, until a man took her to planted fields to save her from sexual slavery. There she met a family that adopted her and helped her adapt to civilization again. Now she is married and has daughters, one of whom helped her write her autobiographical book The Girl with No Name.

  6   Madina, Russia 2013

Madina lived with dogs since she was born. In 2013, social workers found her naked, growling and walking on all fours. Her father left her newly born and her mother was an alcoholic, he did not take care of her. The dogs and the girl survived with bones and chicken remains that were left over at the parties organized by the woman. The dogs were their only friends and despite their tragic past, the therapists have hope in their recovery.

  5   Child Hen, Fiji 1978

From birth, the parents of this child noticed a dysfunctional behavior, so they decided to put him in a chicken coop so he would not embarrass them. Later, the mother committed suicide and the father was killed, remaining under the care of his grandfather. However, he also left it in that place and when he turned eight he managed to escape to a road, where he was found running very strangely, shouting and imitating the chickens. His aggressiveness was such that he had to spend 20 years tied to a bed, now he is recovering.

  4   Monkey boy, Uganda 1991

After witnessing the murder of his mother, John Ssebunya ran away from home at age three, entering the jungle to meet a herd of apes. Some time later they found him and took him to an orphanage, where they discovered that hair had come out all over his body and that he had many parasites. There he learned to behave as a human, to communicate, to live in society and to sing. Today he is part of an important African choir that tours around the world.

  3   Wild girl from Champagne, France 1731

She walked alone in the forests of France for more than a decade, fighting wild animals and hunting frogs or birds with stones and sticks. When she was captured at the age of 19, she did not know how to speak and she had claws, but the queen of Poland took her to practice hunting rabbits for her skill and speed. Thanks to several friends of the queen, she learned to speak French and became a very rich woman.


  2   Victor, the wild child of Aveyron 1797

Probably one of the oldest stories of wild children with the greatest record of evidence and testimonies was that of Victor. They found it in the forests of Caune, very close to the Pyrenees and after several failed captures , the scientists finally located it and began to make certain tests. Jean Marc Gaspard Itard devised a new treatment to improve Victor’s mental state and leave an inheritance to science for future similar cases, but unfortunately it did not work; Victor was still very violent and could not teach him to speak, so he was taken to a Parisian mental health institution where he died at 40 years of age.

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