11 Sad pictures reveal the damage we have done to the Earth

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For a long time, the Earth ceased to be a quiet place to live and the only culprit has been human selfishness. Have you ever wondered what we have given Mother Nature in gratitude for the riches with which she has filled us for thousands of years?
In the following images this question is answered in the most crude way: showing the damage we have caused with our passage in each of its corners. Exploitation of resources, overpopulation, pollution and a host of disappointing results that have caused damage on a large scale. It’s time to do something for our planet!
If this gallery does not make you reflect or awaken your conscience to put that grain of sand that will help us save the environment, then we are lost.

 1 We no longer fit

 10  Our health can not stand the ravages of pollution

  9   The home of thousands of species is on fire

  8   Technological waste ends up in very poor countries

  7   Heavy machinery is destroying the subsoil

  6   Where were the green fields and the blue skies?

  5   We have become accustomed to these sad landscapes

  4   This is no longer a quiet place to live

  3   Climate change is melting the poles

  2   Thousands of barrels of oil have been spilled

into the sea

  1   Toxic waste is observed from space

  EXTRA   Do we drag all this trash into our consciousness?