11 Kitchen Tricks That Future Generations Might Even Want to Use

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 1 -You can freeze eggs. Just don’t forget to add a bit of sugar or salt or the yolk will be very dense.

 10  -Avoid getting eggshell pieces into the meal if you break the egg on a flat surface.

  9   -If you put some baking powder on chicken before baking it, it will be really crispy.

  8   -Just a simple trick.

  7   – You can make bonfire potatoes using a stove.

  6   -To get rid of dirt in the coffee grinder, grind some rice in it.

  5   -A simple way to cut mushrooms.

  4   -“My sister just pulled this out to stop the big spoon from falling into the bowl.”

  3   – Use a spoon to anchor your strainer.

  2   -Peeling onions and garlic on an old tea towel

  1   -This will make a perfect soft-boiled egg.