11 ideas and creative ways to recycle used tires

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When it comes to recycling tires we know that you will have a headache because you do not know where to leave them or where to take them to avoid polluting. However we have a solution with these 20 practical “Do it yourself” ideas for those odious tires.
(Before starting with this brainstorming it is important that you know that in the long term the tires will release toxic chemicals through the leachate of their components, so we recommend that you do not use them as flowerpots for edible plants).

 1 A bed for your pet

 10  Outdoor ceiling lamps

  9   Coffee table lined with rope

  8   Planter

  7   Mirror frame

  6  Subwoofer

  5   Swings

  4   Sandbox

  3   Stairs

  2   Chair

  1   Coffee table

  EXTRA   Hanging planter