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Starting in 1995, the Internet opened the doors to eBay , a place to buy and sell a wide variety of things online. In this place they are offered from products to services superior to those that we could acquire in a physical store.

This incredible electronic commerce merges the traditional auction with modern technology to offer, literally, any online product or service. Throughout these years buyers and sellers have emerged who have inspired us to make the following list that lists the rarest things sold online. 

 1 Michael Jackson’s underpants

These underpants were sold for $ 1 million because they had belonged to Michael Jackson.

 10  A UFO detector

InterBras, a Brazilian company, put on sale a UFO detector in 2000. They claimed that when foreign objects flew in the vicinity of the sky, the detector could detect them with a beep and managed to be sold for $ 135.

  9   Justin Timberlake’s French Toast

A half-eaten piece of French bread that Justin Timberlake left in 2000 in a restaurant. After 40 offers managed to sell in less than two days for 3 thousand 154 dollars.

  8   Your arms and legs do not fall asleep

In 2005 Melissa Heuschel, 33, sold for $ 15,100 legal rights for someone to choose the name of their first baby.

  7   Rights to the name of a baby

Kari Smith is an American woman who offered to tattoo on her forehead an advertisement for an advertising brand to send her son to a private school. The auction exceeded 24,000 bets and the winner was GoldenPalace.com with a final bid of $37,375 dollars.

  6   Sniper window that killed John F. Kennedy

After 188 offers made by the window and real frame where Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed President John F. Kennedy, was sold for 3 million dollars and even today is the most expensive window in the world.

  5   A ghost inside a jar

A glass jar in which it was said that it contained a ghost inside, after 7 days of being auctioned it sold for 50 thousand 922 dollars, since his salesman claimed that he wanted to get rid of him because he was terrified. Unfortunately the buyer did not pay.

  4   An imaginary friend

Jon Malipieman is the imaginary friend of a British man who was sold for $3,000 after being betted 31 times. This man sold it because he did not feel so close anymore.

  3   Kit to kill vampires

A vendor from Oklahoma sold this kit for $ 4,500, which includes 5 silver-tipped arrows, an ebony stake, prayer book, crucifix, knife, scissors and holy water.

  2   A life for Sale

After divorcing his wife, Ian Usher wanted to start from scratch selling his life for $ 223 thousand 704 dollars, including his car, house and his friends, etc.

  1   Britney Spears chewing gum

Britney Spears is one of the most internationally recognized pop figures, to the extent that she auctioned off a piece of chewing gum that she chewed during the concert she gave in 2000 at Wembley, chewing gum that managed to sell for 14 thousand dollars.