11 most stupid things you can buy online

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11 Most Rare Things that have been SOLD Online

If there is something that you have to take into account is that if you are not thinking clearly, it is better that you do not enter to sites like Ebay or Amazon. There are too many strange things that will surely seem like the most ridiculous purchase you’ve made in years. However, there are people who consciously want to acquire them, and others who are willing to sell them. Our capacity for amazement has no limits when it comes to the internet . If you do not know what I’m talking about, here are some stupid things you can buy online .

 1 Mask of a horse head

It is an interesting option for Halloween … also quite rare.


It is a rudimentary gossip that promises to guess the presence of ghosts wherever you go. It works? Who knows. What we do know is that it is not exactly cheap. It costs $70.

  9   UFO Detector

If you have money and you need something to spend it on, here you go. It is better to put it under the UFO so that it works, but as you can imagine, it is quite complicated.

  8   Nothing

For those who have everything and never like a gift, better give them Nothing. The good news is that you will be making a seller happy with the purchase.

  7   Full body spandex suit

I’m still trying to guess why someone would want something like that.

  6   Toothpaste flavored with bacon

Why go to a restaurant if you can feel the taste every time you brush your teeth.

  5   Emergency mustaches

Imagine that one day you do not have a mustache and you just have an important commitment … here is the solution!

  4   Voodoo doll

If some of your co-workers bother you more than usual, you can always make them feel a little pain with your doll.

  3   Pillowcase by Nicolas Cage

Sleeping with the face of Nicolas Cage is not disturbing at all, no sir. Here is the proof.

  2   Machine that takes spaghetti

If it is very difficult for you to do it with a normal fork, it is better to do it for you.

  1   Remote control flying

If you are tired of listening to someone or want to show your disapproval, here you have it. Fly for seven minutes, to show the world your discontent.