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Making your children eat fruit is a battle you can never win? You are not alone in that war, with you there are millions of mothers around the world with the same problem. But do not worry, we have the solution for your little ones to eat healthier (although we warn you that it costs a little more work).
What you have to do is transform the boring fruit into a fun dish, your kids will adore them and have a balanced diet without you having to put the food in their mouths.

 1 Funny hairstyles

 10  Watermelon fish

  9   Blue cranberry penguins

  8   Spanworm of grapes

  7   Fruit-shaped sandwiches in the shape of owls

  6   Pancakes with fruits in the shape of a butterfly

  5   Watermelon cake

  4   So they want junk food for dinner?

  3   How about some careers?

  2   Little Mermaids

  1   Watermelon frog

  EXTRA   Delicious ladybugs