11 Most Unexpected Old Things Found By People

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 1 # Lovely Antique Aquarium


 10  # My Grandfather Had A Miniature Set Of All Of

Shakespeare’s Plays


  9   # This Page From An Illustrated Captain’s Log From 1777


  8   # My Barbershop Still Uses Their Original Cash Register

From 1904


  7   # My Friend Just Found This Little Statue


  6   # The Filament Of This Antique Light Bulb Is Shaped

Like Flowers


  5   # My Late Grandma Still Had Her TV Operating Guide

From 1962


  4   # I Found These 60-Year-Old Condoms In My Basement


  3   # Found In The Pocket Of My Grandpa’s WW2 Bomber Jacket


  2   # These Intricate Old Keyholes


  1   # My Friend Was Splitting Logs And Found An Arrowhead