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Do you think you are someone who can take risks? You have not seen the following people. When your abilities to perform certain activity are very high, surely you can take more risks than another that has never practiced it. But where do you cross the line that divides the reckless from the brave? If you want to feel adrenaline, the following 11 images of reckless people will give you an adrenaline injection simply by thinking of being in their shoes, do not criticize them, after all, someone has to do it, right?

 1 Camping on the heights

 10  How about this way of taking pictures?

  9   You could climb this huge stalactite

  8   Gymnastics to the limit

  7   Make sure you do not have slippery moss

  6   Would you like to do climbing?

  5   Walk the cornice

  4   A front row seat

  3   Extreme cycling

  2   Spider-Man

  1   Not suitable for cardiac