11 Most Funny Fails of Olympic Athletes

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Not everything is serious, we love to see when in the midst of so much formality someone messes up … that’s why at Viral Recreation we decided to remember the competitions and we did a compilation of the 11 most funny failures of the Olympic athletes , sure you will have fun and maybe we can add more to the list:

 1 Yes, women are more subtle

 10  How many men would not want to do that with

their girlfriend from time to time?

  9   I’m ready… almost

  8   It was close… ok, but no!

  7   These bubbles look very suspicious

  6   Everything was fine, but…

  5   Your face is priceless

  4   We’ll call this one: the ruffled child

  3   The best teamwork is to let others follow

  2   So when you think you are going to pass

your subjects and do not reach by tenths

  1   It can be said that all the weight fell on his shoulders