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We know that you love them, you adore them and you would do anything for them, but sometimes the tantrums and caprices of your children get to you out of your boxes and you do not know how to fix the situation. For that there are small tricks that, although they are very simple, really work. Here we leave some of them, which will be very useful.

 1 Three hours later, they have not discovered

that the controls are not connected

 10  Teach them to take care of the planet

by reusing paper rolls

  9   A good way to recycle old furniture

  8   Infallible trick so that your child does not

move during photo shoots

  7   Avoid accidents and support the environment

  6   The most effective method for protection on beach

  5   The plastic of the chocolate eggs serves so

that the candy does not run off

  4   Have fun with a homemade hammock

  3   Soda is also medicinal

  2   In this way you can escape when necessary

  1   Train your child as a karate kid , but with water

  EXTRA   Teach him to follow a routine with

colors on the clock