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 1 -“My grandparents on their seventy-fifth wedding anniversary”

 10  – “My grandparents renewed their wedding vows after celebrating 60 years of marriage.”

  9   – “A 2,500-mile flight, a 2-hour drive, a 6-hour hike, and my wife is at rest.”

  8   -“My girlfriend’s glasses broke, so I replaced the lenses in Google Cardboard

  7   – “The moment I proposed to my wife in front of protestors”

  6   – “Found an old, romantic photo of my parents.

  5   – “I’m the guy who proposed with the ring around a puppy’s collar

  4   – “My grandparents, 50 years apart 1932 to 1982 she wasn’t so shy back then.

  3   – “My wife and I have also lost a ton of weight together! It has brought us closer together

  2   – “Here is my wife thinking she is surprising me

  1   -“My blind friend got engaged yesterday….he’s pretty sure.”