11 Pics That Show Us the Ruthless Power of Time

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 1 – “The western staircase leading to the roof of the Temple of the Goddess Hathor in Egypt

 10  – “This wallet from Morocco belonged to 3 people before it was mine.”

  9   – “This standing spot in front of the elevator buttons at work”

  8   – “A watch that I found — nature had turned it into a mini terrarium.”

  7   – “My wife’s baby blanket that she still keeps under her pillow

  6   – An abandoned anchor

  5   – The flooring in the waiting area at this pizzeria is so worn out

  4   – A sink worn by years of dripping soap

  3   – This basketball court after years of being played on

  2   – An old leaf worn over time

  1   – An old tree in Petra, Jordan