11 Most Worst Hotel And Airbnb Fails

11 Most Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To People
11 Most Seemingly Ordinary Objects That Stand Out
11 Most Hilarious Listings For Things Being Sold Online

 1 – The Pool At My Hotel In Birmingham

 10  – These Stairs At Our Hotel

  9   – This Picture In The Hotel Lobby Looks Like Pubes

  8   – Beijing Hotel Carpet Pattern (Crime Scene)

  7   – From A French Airbnb Alternative

  6   -The Bathroom In Our Airbnb Was Rather Small

  5   -Came Back To The Hotel Room And Found This.

  4   – I Raise You My Hotel Pool In Jeju Circa 2017

  3   – I Reserved An Airbnb With A Sea View. Can’t Complain

  2   -My Hotel’s Pool Area

  1   – This Poorly Translated Food Menu