11 things we’re sure you’ll regret when you’re old

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When we are young we do not appreciate the moments so much, rather we dedicate ourselves to live them no matter what teaching they can leave us or what people will not be with us again, and we only worry about having a good time.
But there will always be things that we are not going to be totally satisfied with and with disgust, with fear to do or what they will say, for lack of money or time, and in the worst case it will give us a feeling of regret when we are older.
Get ready, take into account and do not repeat these things that you can regret when you’re old.

 1 Do not work hard enough at school

 10  Have a job that you hate

  9   If never said what you thought and felt

  8   Not learning a new language

  7   Do not travel when you had the opportunity

  6   Save without enjoying your money

  5   Never having volunteered in something

  4   Being afraid of everything

  3   Do not dare to live your dreams

  2   Never having made a tattoo

  1   Try to please everyone

  EXTRA   Do not ask your grandparents questions

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