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There are two kinds of rare people in the world: the funny and innocent kind and the one that makes you question people and their sanity. Luckily for you, we have collected material from both sides! From a batman sleeping, to some subway creatures, there is no shortage of strange things on our planet. We invite you to see this for yourself!

We found 11 images from the depths of the Internet so strange that will make you question human reasoning!

 1 The fast food man is ready to save the day!

 10  A rare photo of Batman sleeping

  9   This does not seem very comfortable…

  8   This poor cow lost her friends that day

  7    We have so many questions!

  6   The best DJ in the world

  5   From Star Wars go through hard times

  4   The new product for the hair of the market

  3   At least it is thorough!

  2   When you want to watch television in peace:

  1   Getting deeper knowledge on a subject is not easy