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Why complicate? Everything in this life has a solution, you just have to activate our creative antennas and see what we have at home, there really is a world of possibilities waiting to be discovered.

Look at these NASA geniuses who walk through life as mere mortals, they deserve a prize for science and discovery!

 1 Does the onion make you cry? No problem 

 10  The only way for children to want to wash their hands

  9   No more annoying birds

“My mother put the picture of an eagle in the window of the car so that the birds do not approach and they dirty it … when perishing it has worked”.

  8   Neither the rain can stop the celebration,

point for humans

  7   Not having a gym nearby is no longer a pretext

  6   Effective child “appeasement” system

  5   Either it was the door or it was the floor…

difficult decision

  4   There was no trash can, so we improvised one

  3   If your table is not high enough here

we have the solution

  2   And you spending money on coffee filters

  1   That your broken bowls do not prevent you

from enjoying your ramen