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If you love to wear coats but whenever you wear them you feel that you look like an overweight lady, then these tips will help you look young and cute, while being comfortable and warm.

 1 Use pastel colors

 10  Put on boyfriend’s jeans

  9   Wear Converse or Vans sneakers

  8   It uses a contrasting color under the coat

  7   Combine a sweatshirt from your favorite

band with a plaid coat

  6   Buy a coat that frames your waist

  5   Wear youth hairstyles, do not buns because

they will add you age

  4   A skirt with stockings and a cute coat are

a very coquettish look

  3   Trendy accessories, such as caps and wallets

  2   Opt for a unique and colorful design

  1   Yellow is a youthful color and full of energy

  EXTRA   Put on your favorite sports shoes