11 Ways to recycle pallets and turn them into furniture

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We have all seen pallets in buildings and even in markets and greengrocers. At first sight everyone believes that they are not pretty and do not have a good aesthetic; However, after these 30 ideas that we will give you to transform them and reuse them you will be left with your mouth open.
So much so that you will join the Green Style; from now on you will look for more things and artifacts to recycle. Check out these practical and modern ideas for new furniture in your home.

 1 Bed for your little ones room

 10  Bed base

  9   Grid for your pets

  8   Rack for your cups

  7   Rocking bed

  6   Greenhouse

  5   Stairs

  4   Outdoor lamp

  3   Picture frames

  2   Rack for shoes

  1   Reposet

  EXTRA   Pendant