11 ways to differentiate a TOURIST and a TRAVELER

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Do you have the soul of a tourist and a traveler? Ok, maybe you’re wondering: how to know? Well, when you go to meet some new place, do you usually make lists and prepare everything in advance? You know, book the hotel, investigate the available tours and costs … And if you can book in advance, you do it without hesitation! Or the other option is: you buy your plane ticket and you go on an adventure!
If you still can not identify what you are, then keep reading as there are 13 more clues that you can define if you are a TOURIST or have the free spirit of a TRAVELER.

 1 Choose different activities

 10  Comfort is appreciated in a different way

  9   Some move in groups, others prefer to

go alone and aimlessly

  8   They see things from different perspectives

  7   A tourist does not leave his agenda, the traveler

does not have an agenda

  6   Hiking describes the traveler perfectly

  5   What does it matter to sleep among rocks? 

We have to take a risk!

  4   One knows where he is going and how

to get there, another will improvise

  3   Tourist = organized; traveler = adventurous

  2   At the time of packing, they prioritize differently

  1   And their souvenirs are much more personal

  EXTRA   Your activity options are different