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An important step in the integral development of pets is to take them for a walk and enjoy the outdoors. That’s why, early in the morning, you have to let them go out so they can relieve themselves and lie in the sun. The fun comes when they are tired of being in the yard and they beg you to let them enter the house. These are the tests.

 1 We got a delicious smell, can we get in?

 10  I’m here, let me in

  9   This crystal prevents me from passing, take it off!

  8   Cute kitten, let us pass

  7   I am afraid, human, it is necessary that you

enter your room

  6   This is not funny, what time are you going to open me?

  5   I am beautiful, you need me by your side

  4   Human, it’s cold

  3   I promise not to take anything that is not mine

  2   Open me right now!

  1   This is not a game, I should already be lying in my bed

  EXTRA   It’s not fair, why can he be inside? We no

longer bite the armchairs