11 Most Abandoned places that prove that nature ALWAYS wins

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Nature is powerful and there is no person or thing created by humans that can cope; nature ALWAYS wins. Proof of this are these 11 Most abandoned places, from boats and houses to complete cities that have been forgotten by humanity. And the earth has claimed them as theirs and has appropriated each space and each corner.
The reality is that if all these works were beautiful in themselves, now they are majestic and absolutely imposing. Or tell us, what do you think?

 1 Sunken yacht, Antarctica

 10  Tunnel of love, Ukraine

  9   Temple in Angkor Wat, Cambodia

  8   Staircase in Bavaria, Germany

  7   Amusement park in Nara, Japan

  6   Abandoned mill in Italy

  5   Holland Island, Chesapeake Bay

  4   North Brother Island, near New York

  3   Hotel del Salto, Colombia

  2   Craco, Italy

  1   Abandoned city in Keelung, Taiwan