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The Seventh Art almost always surprises us, be it with an interesting story or many special effects, but it also has its predictable parts, like the fact that the “good” always wins or that the “hero” always stays with the most beautiful woman.
The following are some of those movie cliches that sometimes do not let you enjoy a good movie or that, on the contrary, do not let you down by making the hero triumph.

 1 The best policeman is always suspended

for disobedient

 10  The villain can cheat even Chuck Norris,

but not the dogs

  9   Going to the bathroom in an action movie

is certain death

  8   If the car does not start, it means that a

maniac comes for you

  7   Any object can open a sheet: clips, needles,

cards … and so on.

  6   “Save the world” is what Americans usually do

  5   Any surveillance camera records in super

HD and you can see every detail

  4   Starting a car is a matter of rubbing any two cables

  3   Anyone lands an airplane by telephone

  2   Looking at your girlfriend’s picture before

fighting is also certain death

  1   Every large window must be broken in

an explosive manner

  EXTRA   In every sporting event the winner

will be the worst athlete