11 Before and after people who said goodbye to their emo stage

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Time flies by: one day you are young, rebellious, wanting to transgress the system, wearing black eyeliner around eyes, combing face with a pompadour and listening to My Chemical Romance… and the other you’re already an adult, with responsibilities, comfortable clothes, you do not comb your hair or paint yourself and you’re even married and you already have blessings.

But do not worry, this has not happened to you alone; it is the cycle of life, and to try these photos.

Here are 11 Before and after people who said goodbye to their emo stage

  1  He became everything he swore to destroy!

  10    Putting on eyeliner was good: now a

professional make up artist

  9    Apparently violet is still hair favorite color

  8    “I dress differently, but I still like the same music”

  7    Apparently it was not just “one phase”

  6    Definitely, it looks better with your natural hair

  5    At age 15, he never thought he would end up as a


  4    Uploaded photos on Social Media to be a professional


  3    She become a marketing consultant from emo 

  2    “I was emo and I’m not ashamed”

  1    She is now a mom, is married and has a store